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Our Work!

The primary purpose of KGSF is to improve the future job prospects of Mt. Kilimanjaro guides, assistant guides, porters, and cooks by soliciting, receiving, and administering funds for providing scholarships to prospective candidates.  The generation of funds is achieved by direct solicitation of donations from previous visitors to Tanzania.  We have now identified six types of scholarships that we can provide:

  • Scholarships to Bridge Institute of Business Studies in Arusha for "rainy season" courses. 
  • Scholarships to Moshi University College of Co-Operative & Business Studies in Moshi.
  • Scholarships to College of African Wildlife Management (Mweka College) in Moshi.
  • Scholarships to Intel Training Centre in Moshi.
  • Scholarships to Keyfield Career Center in Arusha.
  • Scholarships to Regional Vocational Training Centre in Moshi.

Donors may make donations of any amount or may totally fund a scholarship.  If the donor funds a scholarship, they may specify the recipient and the type of scholarship to be awarded.

KGSF has taken steps to increase Mt. Kilimanjaro climber awareness of the KGSF Mission.  Posters have been placed at the following gates: Marangu, Rongai, Mweka, Umbwe, Machame, Lemosho, and Shira.

We have been asked if the "rainy season" courses help the recipients.  The following provides anecdotal evidence that they do help:

1.  This was received from a 2015 donor:

Last year's student Abuu Mohammed messaged me that he had started his own safari company, .  The website is pretty well done.  Not sure whether he has partners, but that's his photo on the home page and his Skype address on the Contact page.

2.  This was received from a 2015 recipient:

Hi sir David.
Hope everything is going well with you, I would like to say thank you for this course and all who supported me.
      Frankly the course was good I/ we learn a lot of things as guides, mountain guide and safari guide, Not only that the course that I got can even take me at another level of education like diploma or advance diploma in any tourism courses. Also as a guide who I'm working at the mountain i can also work as a safari Guide as well according to the course or knowledge I have got.
Thank you
Noel G Ngoye


3.  This was received from a 2015 sponsor/donor:

Thank you very much for updating us concerning the performance of Mganga Noah. I can confirm receiving the scanned copies and we are very happy that he has an added knowledge ready to face the job challenges with us.

I can as well inform you that with the new added qualification, the management  as from the end of this month has reviewed Mr. Noah's salary by increasing it and he also been added more responsibilities. It is our hope that he is now more than prepared to live up to our clients expectations.

Finally I am happy to inform you that the management has decided to sponsor one porter for the 2016 Rainy Season Porter Course at Bridge Institute of Business Studies. Kindly furnish me with the necessary forms for him to fill in advance so as to avoid last minute rush.

Long live KGSF

Kind Regards

Hulder David

Operations Manager

Migunga Adventure Tours & Safaris


4.  This was received from a 2015 recipient:

Hi. My name is Innocent Kessy I work with Africa walking company as assistant Guide. What I can tell you about Bridge course wich I went through has enlightened me because it was very helpful to me.Thanks