Tim Leinbach; Director of KGSF; Minneapolis, MN; Director of US Operations of Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience


Stacee Hasenbalg; Director of KGSF; Chicago, Illinois; CCO Avant, Inc.








Jim Grundy; Founder & Director of KGSF; Hickory Coners, MI; Retired



Stefan Meigh; Director of KGSF; London, England; Founder & Director of Action Challenge 

Welcome to KGSF!

Kilimanjaro Guide Scholarship Foundation Inc. (KGSF) is a public charity devoted to providing scholarships to deserving Mt. Kilimanjaro guides, assistant guides, and porters currently working in Tanzania.

KGSF was created by three founders who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in August 2007 over seven days on the Machame route.  The climbing company supporting the climb utilized three groups of employees: guides, cooks, and porters.  During the seven days, it became very obvious that all of these employees endured an extremely arduous and dangerous profession.

Upon return to the US, the three founders decided to develop a program that would assist guides, holding the "guide" certification from the Kilimanjaro National Park, in improving their education and thus their future job prospects.  Guides were chosen over cooks and porters as they have already demonstrated a willingness to learn and seek additional education.

In 2011, KGSF decided to broaden the scope of the charity to include porters.